The following equipment and transport can be provided at reasonable requests and rates to be determined 

  • Link Flatbed truck and trailer

  • Crane truck with trailer

  • Bobcat with frond loader

  • Multi-lift trucks

  • Cage trucks

  • Hooklift trucks

  • Cutting equipment

  • Lance cutting equipment.

Oil spills and Environmental Management 24 hours per day 

  • Oil spill kits to be provided at no cost – only when used

  • Oil, fuel, chemical and acid spills to be cleaned, regarding the quantity of products used size of spill and time duration.

The following spill equipment available with material data sheets 

  • Drip trays

  • Oil cap

  • Power clean (degreaser)

  • Acid cap

  • Absorbent

  • Absorbent Noodles

  • Absorbent cushions

  • And all other accessories for safe and correct cleaning

  • House-keeping on quayside.

  • All environmental situations to be handled professionally on behalf of clients with port authorities (no show stoppers).

Staff  services 

  • Environmental Manager       

  • Site Manager                         

  • Forklift operator                    

  • Spill operator        

  • General Labourer