We specialise in the following 

  • Rubbish disposal

  • Specializing in waste control, waste management, hazardous waste, general waste, oil, medical waste, wood and paint cans

  • Demolishing and factory yard clear-outs


We provide the following services  

  • Collection of scrap metal; non ferrous and recyclable items

  • Removal of rubbish (building rubble, general waste and hazardous waste

  • We provide company with bags and boxes to store their waste paper in

  • We provide 6m³, 9m³, 15 and 30m³ bins for clients with large quantity of scrap metal, recyclable items and waste




We make use of a SABS approved weighbridge to determine the exact weight of every collection.It meets the requirements of the Trade metrology Act. (Act 77 of 1973) and is serviced by an official every two years