The following skips, containers and holders to be provided by TW Waste Paper 

  • 6 Cube leak proof, non-leak proof and closed lid skips.  Leak proof for solid waste only.  All 6 cube skips have been MPI and Load tested with a weight capacity of 6.5T net weight.

  • 30 Cube skips – non leak proof

  • 1000ℓ Flow bins for chemical storage

  • 2000ℓ Tanks

  • 10 000ℓ Tanks

All have been MPI and load tested with corrected certification documents except 1000ℓ flow bins.  To be used for storage and pumping of waste oil, oily water, sewage, grey water, sludge and drilling mud.

Waste Categories with clearly marked signs on both sides of 6 cube skips for rotation on and of board.  Prices per cube waste 

  • Galley waste                          

  • Hazardous waste                    

  • General waste                        

  • Paint cans                               

  • Oil Rags                                  

  • Wood                                      

  • Waste Oil                               

  • Oily water                              

  • Acid water or chemicals        

  • Sewage                                   

  • Grey Water                            

  • Sludge                                                

  • Drilling mud                           

  • Black water                            

  • Gas disposal to be quoted regarding type of gas and size of cylinder     

  • 20ℓ sealed containers for waste syringes only                     

  • 25ℓ sealed containers for general medical waste                

  • Sandblasting grid if tested and contaminated per ton          

  • Sandblasting grid tested and not contaminated per ton       

  • Asbestos / Asbestos concrete mixture                                   

  • One ton bale bags to be supplied free of charge

  • Sand bags free of charge

  • Plastic bags for safe packaging of hazardous materials at R3.30 per bag

  • Wheelie bins

Any other material except sand and stone can be provided if requested.  For office papers, holders can be supplied free of charge. 


Rental of equipment 

  • 6 Cube skip                                                                 

  • 9 Cube skip                                                                 

  • 15 Cube skip                                                               

  • 30 Cube skip                                                               

  • 2000ℓ tanks MPI & Load tested                                 

  • 10 000ℓ tanks MPI & Load tested                              

  • Fencing (per running meter per day) 

  • 2.5T Forklift (no restriction of hours used)  

  • Includes setup and maintenance cost